Thursday, April 22 to Monday, May 31

Child Care Providers-You have been hit hard during this pandemic and we hear you!  Rating extensions and supports are now available.  Learn more!


Great Start to Quality offers a variety of early childhood education resources for families. These resources can help you understand Great Start to Quality, and help you find the best care for your child. 

Great Start to Quality Star Ratings

Any program or provider in Michigan who is in good standing with licensing has a star rating on Great Start to Quality. Programs are rated on a 1 to 5 Star scale.

Empty Star rating Program meets licensing requirements.
One Star rating Program meets licensing requirements and is participating in Great Start to Quality.
Two Star rating Program demonstrates quality across some categories of program quality indicators.
Three Star rating Program demonstrates quality across several categories of program quality indicators.
Four Star rating Program demonstrates quality across almost all categories of program quality indicators.
Five Star rating Program demonstrates highest quality.

A program quality indicator is a standard used to measure the quality of a program in a specific area.

Is This the Right Place for My Child? Guide

The informational booklet from Child Care Aware® about what to look for when searching for and visiting child care and preschool programs for your child.

Child Care and Preschool Visit Checklist

A checklist you can take with you when visiting programs and providers to help you determine if it is the best fit for your child and your family.

Great Start to Quality Resource Centers

The local Great Start to Quality Resource Centers offer a variety of tools and resources to benefit you and your child.

Great Start to Quality Family Brochure

Great Start to Quality provides families with informational brochures that help you better understand Great Start to Quality.