Thursday, April 22 to Monday, May 31

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What's Next for Great Start to Quality

Providers Giving Input

Over the last year, thousands of child care providers, families, and partners shared their input on how best to improve Great Start to Quality (GSQ). One of the first goals for improvement is to simplify the Quality Indicators, making them easier for child care providers to understand and more relevant to home-based providers. 
To make sure the changes meet this goal, while continuing to measure different quality levels, we invited child care providers from across Michigan to review the revised Quality Indicators.  Over 400 providers expressed interest and 200 were chosen to represent diverse program types, ages served, and locations across the state.  These providers will help to see if the language is clearer and to:
  • Compare program scores between the current GSQ Quality Indicators and proposed indicators
  • Develop the points structure for the revised indicators
  • Determine the right number of Star levels
A small $200 stipend will be given to providers who complete the pilot process as a thank you. The pilot will take place through April 2021 and results are anticipated in June of this year.