Providers & Educators

Programs serving schoolagers only, also known as Out-of-School Time (OST) programs, can achieve a star rating that reflects quality above and beyond licensing requirements. All rated programs are able to share with families their commitment to improving the quality of their program. Once a program achieves a star rating, the information is posted for families. They can then better identify which programs are high-quality and best meet the needs of their family. Learn more about the benefits for programs and families today.

If you have questions or need assistance with the Self-Assessment Survey, contact your local Great Start to Quality Resource Center at 1.877.614.7328. 

On-Site Assessment

The School-Age Program Quality Assessment (SAPQA) tool measures: Safe Environment, Supportive Environment, Interaction, Engagements, and Extended Observation Scales to identify best practices for child-serving programs.

Understanding Your Self-Assessment Survey

If you need help understanding the indicators on your Self-Assessment Survey, refer to the Great Start to Quality Program Quality Indicator Guidance for Out-of-School Time Programs: 

Out-of-School Time Partners

There are many resources available for out-of-school time programs to access trainings, professional development and tools to improve program quality. 

About Out-of-School Time Design

In 2013, funding was awarded to explore how to serve children from kindergarten entry to age 12. This work has engaged stakeholders at every level of the system.