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Providers & Educators

Great Start to Quality offers a variety of resources for all programs and child care providers. These resources range from direct assistance from a Great Start to Quality Resource Center to documents that will help you better understand Great Start to Quality.

The local Great Start to Quality Resource Centers offer:

  • Access to various tools and resources for your program.
  • A lending library with different types of learning materials.
  • Support with the Great Start to Quality rating process.

Resources for programs and providers include:

  • Documents to help you understand and navigate the rating process.
  • General information about Great Start to Quality.
  • Opportunities to find professional development trainings that meet your needs.
ACEs - Stress and Early Brain Growth
222.46 KB PDF file
This document helps you understand Adverse Childhood Experiences.
Additional Documentation (SAS Incomplete Status)
Date Published: 2020
1 pages, 127.65 KB PDF file
Once you have completed the validation call, you may have to upload additional documentation and resubmit the Self-Assessment Survey (SAS).
Apply for a Rating
1.5 MB PDF file
Instructions on how to licensed child care providers apply for a star rating after creating and Organization Profile in MiRegistry.
Approved Assessors for GSRP FY20
Date Published: 2020
226.18 KB PDF file
Approved Assessors for HS and NAEYC FY20
234.95 KB PDF file
Approved Rater Frequently Asked Questions
159.37 KB PDF file
A list of frequently asked questions by those looking to become a Great Start to Quality Approved Rater and those that are currently an Approved Rater.
Approved Screening, Assessment and Curriculum Tools
157.81 KB PDF file
The list of Great Start to Quality's approved screening, assessment and curriculum tools.
Child Care or Preschool Program Checklist Visit Checklist
68.81 KB PDF file
A checklist you can take with you when you are visiting programs and providers in your search for the best care for your child.
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Child Care in Michigan
Children's Picture Books on Homelessness
155 KB PDF file
A list of children's books focused on homelessness.
Classroom Identifier Guidance for Alternate Path Programs
5.67 MB PDF file
If you are an Alternate Path program, these steps will help you find each classroom's identifier your Approved Rater will need in order to enter your program's Program Quality Assessment scores.