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Great Start to Quality is getting an upgrade!   Action is needed to prepare your program for this transition. Learn more on the System Upgrade page.

Providers & Educators

Great Start to Quality is getting a user-friendly upgrade October 2019!

Visit the System Upgrade page to learn more. 


As of December 1, 2017, programs serving schoolagers only are eligible to participate in Great Start to Quality! Programs can achieve a star rating that reflects quality above and beyond licensing requirements for out-of-school time (OST) programs. All rated programs are able to share with families their commitment to improving the quality of their program. Once a program achieves a star rating, the information is posted for families. They can better identify which programs are high-quality and best meet the needs of their family. See more benefits for Programs and Families.
Below are videos and guidance to support your program to understand, engage in and complete the four-step rating process. Please watch the Orientation Webinar (Step 1) to get started.
If you have questions or need assistance with the Self-Assessment Survey, contact your local Great Start to Quality Resource Center at 1.877.614.7328.

Step 1: Webinar Orientation

Watch the step-by-step orientation webinar to learn about what programs are eligible to participate, benefits of participating, and exactly how to complete the process on your own. This webinar will also assist you in the completion of the program profile and Self-Assessment Survey.

View the video script. 

Step 2: Complete Self-Assessment Survey

Complete the Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) and select the Great Start to Quality Program Quality Indicators that show what is true of the program.

To access a document to help track the program's score, click here

View the video script.

Step 3: Upload Documentation

Helpful HintsBased on the Program Quality Indicators in the Self-Assessment Survey, documents MUST be uploaded to support each of the indicators selected. This process is done through Dropbox. If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one.

Need help with Dropbox? Visit the Dropbox Help Center

View the video script.

Step 4: Start Validation Process

After uploading all documents, you MUST select the Submit for Validation button to start the validation process.

A validation is the review of your SAS and all uploaded documents that support the choices you made on your SAS. A validation is a one-hour phone conversation.

View the video script.